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Code example

<div style="width:640px;height:480px;max-width:100%">
        <div id="game"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    EJS_player = '#game';
    EJS_biosUrl = ''; // Url to Bios file
    EJS_gameUrl = ''; // Url to Game rom
    EJS_core = '3do';
    EJS_pathtodata = 'data/'; //path to all of the wasm and js files. MUST all be in the same directory!!
<script src="data/loader.js"></script>

Your rom MUST have one of the following extensions


Panasonic FZ-1 f47264dd47fe30f73ab3c010015c155b

Panasonic FZ-10 51f2f43ae2f3508a14d9f56597e2d3ce

Panasonic FZ-10 1477bda80dc33731a65468c1f5bcbee9

Panasonic FZ-10-E a48e6746bd7edec0f40cff078f0bb19f

Panasonic FZ-10-E cf11bbb5a16d7af9875cca9de9a15e09

Goldstar GDO-101M 8639fd5e549bd6238cfee79e3e749114

Sanyo IMP-21J TRY 35fa1a1ebaaeea286dc5cd15487c13ea

Shootout At Old Tucson 8970fc987ab89a7f64da9f8a8c4333ff

Panasonic FZ-1 Kanji ROM b8dc97f778a6245c58e064b0312e8281

Panasonic FZ-10JA Kanji ROM 428577250f43edc902ea239c50d2240d

Panasonic FZ-1J Kanji ROM c23fb5d5e6bb1c240d02cf968972be37