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TurboGrafs-16 | PC Engine

Code example

<div style="width:640px;height:480px;max-width:100%">
        <div id="game"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    EJS_player = '#game';
    EJS_biosUrl = ''; // Url to Bios file
    EJS_gameUrl = ''; // Url to Game rom
    EJS_core = 'pce';
    EJS_pathtodata = 'data/'; //path to all of the wasm and js files. MUST all be in the same directory!!
<script src="data/loader.js"></script>

I do not know the file extension limits for this system.

syscard3.pce Super CD-ROM2 System V3.xx - Required 38179df8f4ac870017db21ebcbf53114