There will be a sequel :)

At first I didn't want to make a sequel - but I didn't expect there would be so much people to play & enjoy the game. That's why I'll make one. Here's a recap of what should be present in this sequel, partly based on the suggestions some of you sent by email. - ascii art - quests & weapons - more easter eggs - an automatic saving feature - every 10 minutes, for example - keyboard shortcuts - a downloadable, offline version for those who don't have a reliable internet connection - a better authentification system (with user/password, probably) - both global and personal statistics - compatibility with low resolutions & smartphones - squirrels !! And also : - the concept of "nothing at first, and then the game grows more and more" will be kept - you won't have to pay anything to play, or whatever - the player will have more choices to do, a bit like in a RPG - the code will be cleaner ;) - the python server will soon be on a public repository - the javascript client will be on a public repository when the game will be released - both the server and the client WILL be free software - free as in "freedom" No, the sequel won't come very soon ! The current version has just been released, so I need some time to make it. But it will be worth it ;) Update : the sequel will probably be released around October ! If you want to receive informations about the sequel, you can enter your email here and click the Submit button :

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(no, I won't spam you, I won't give the email to anyone else, and I won't send any email about anything else than the sequel) If you want to make any suggestion, you can send me an email at !